We will do our best to make you feel very welcome from the moment you make contact with us and this will continue throughout the recruitment process. 

Q1. Do I pay for your service?
A1. No, our service to you is absolutely free.

Q2. Do you take a percentage of my wages?
A2. No, we agree an hourly or day rate with you and we charge our client a rate which covers all costs to include our mark-up.

Q3. What If I am off sick what do I do?
A3. Please inform both ourselves and the client as early as possible so we can offer an interim solution if needed.

Q4. If I undertake temporary work for you, will you still look for permanent opportunities as well?
A4. Of course, we will still ensure that you are provided with the opportunity to be considered for permanent roles.

Q5. How much notice must I provide if I find permanent work?
A5. We ask for 1 weeks notice. If this cannot be given, we ask for as much notice as possible so we do not inconvenience our client.

Q6. Do I need to complete any additional forms for working temporary?
A6. Yes, your Consultant will advise you accordingly.